LG to release the LG Marquee CDMA

LG has quite a lot of interesting products in its catalogue. In fact, its smartphones are some of the best in the market even though there aren’t many of them. One of the good ones is the LG Marquee which is a CDMA smartphone powered by Android version 2.3. It has quite a big screen as well although not too big at a size of 4-inches. The screen also comes with a 700-nit NOVA touchscreen which is effective in bright daylight.

Underneath its 4-inch body lies a 1GHz processor although the amount of RAM available inside it is not announced. However, the storage space inside the LG Marquee is at a paltry amount of 4GB. The camera on the LG Marquee is 5MP which is capable of capturing 720p video. Its front facing camera on the other hand is a 2MP camera. GPS is also present on this device as well.

The price for this phone is $55 without any contract under Boost Mobile. However, with Boost Mobile Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinkage, users can get free talk and text messaging as well as Internet. At this price, it is definitely a bargain smartphone although it runs on CDMA instead of GSM.

iPad 3 expected to hit the market in March 2012

The rumors are springing up for Apple’s iPad 3 that is supposed to arrive in March this year. Some are saying that may be, in the next two weeks, iPad3 will be hitting the shelves.

If we compare it to Apple’s earlier, releases it would perfectly fit as first iPad model came in April 2012 and iPad 2 arrived in the last week of March.

Bloomberg Report

According to the report of Bloomberg, “Apple iPad3 will be incorporating the HD screen, and the small pixels will give the image a printed material look.” A quad-core chip will increase efficiency and speed with 4G LTE support.

Report also stated that LTE is brought for the Apple iPad gadget before the iPhone as latest power technology and a bigger battery support the tablet. Bloomberg obtained this report from the three different sources related with the product.

Update for Production

The report has also revealed that Apple has already started the production of these gadgets at the Asian partners manufacturing units, as Foxconn in china is running the whole 24 hours a day.

The iPad launched earlier has been a massive hit generating more than $25 billion as sales revenue. Many companies tried to come up to the level of iPad but failed; however, Cupertino is hoping that the device will become the favorite choice of consumers.

Rumors are also saying that may be iPad 3 will not be good enough to reach the target, as iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S failed to do so. The time is the only answer for all these rumors.

source : newgadget

Watch New Sony Vaio Ultrabook

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 at Las Vegas prominently featured Ultrabooks with Sony entering into the race against Apple Macbook Air. Seemingly different that major Ultrabooks like the Acer Aspire S5 and the HP Envy Spectre the 13-inch laptop was on display in the CES 2012 among other novel gadgets.

Design Details

Much detail has been kept under wraps, but most of its aesthetic and external design details will not go unnoticed. The Ultrabook is silver colored and has a cover with a brushed aluminum texture with the iconic logo of VAIO stamped in the middle.

The pleasing Sony keyboard suits the glossy 13-inch display. A row of physical buttons is placed above the keyboard with the familiar functions. Besides another logo, of the VAIO on the left the notebook also features a seamless mouse pad.

The left side of the Sony Vaio Ultrabook has an Ethernet port, VGA out, HDMI audio/video out, a headphone jack and a memory card slot. The other side of the notebook has two USB ports, a fan, and port for power.

Specs Not Known

The Ultrabook specifications have not been released yet, and the CES display was kept in a glass box and could not be touched. Pricing and availability of the notebook has not been made public either.

PC factory overclocks their custom PCs to 5.7GHz

If you are a gamer than chances are you would know about Origin PC. They sell some of the best custom PCs in the United States and they also offer a lifetime technical support on which not many manufacturers practice this. Origin PC boasts of having a factory overclock PC running at clocks up to 5.2GHz. However, they have increased the bar as it is now possible to get a 5.7GHz computer straight from the company.

Origin PC says this amazing feat was made possible on an i7 2700K system which uses a ‘Phase Change’ cooling system. This system cools down the processor to as low as -40 degree Celcius. Suffice to say that this is a very cold system on which the processor will be operating on. In addition to the amazingly overclocked CPU, it is also possible to get a set of NVIDIA GTX 580 cards in a 4-way SLI. The performance in this computer will be absolutely stunning.

Expect to pay a hefty price for this set of behemoth. Just to get a grasp of how much it will potentially cost, their The Big O system which is one amazing desktop is available at a price of $17,000. Those that are interested should definitely need some pretty big pockets.

Huawei unleashes the world’s thinnest phone

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2012 is an annually held event where manufacturers showcase some of their new products. There were a few successful products that were debuted in CES and amongst them are the Xbox, Blu-Ray DVD and a lot more. This year is the year of the thin devices where previously, Acer had announced the Aspire A5 which is now the world’s thinnest ultrabook. Huawei on the other hand, decided to join in the bandwagon by announcing the Huawei Ascend P1 S which is the world’s thinnest phone.

The Ascend P1 S is breathtakingly thin at a thickness of only 6.68mm. This makes it thinner than the Droid RAZR which has a thickness of 7.1mm. It features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen which has a resolution of 540×960 pixels and also has a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor as well. Suffice to say that this is one of the high-end products that Huawei could offer.

However, with the thin profile comes a sacrifice in battery life. It features only a 1670 mAh battery although should anyone wishes to have one that has a higher battery capacity, they can have a look at the Huawei Ascend P1 although at a thicker width of 7.69mm. These two devices will have Android 4.0 on board.

The New Xperia Phone Announced

The launch of Android based gadget, the Sony Xperia Ion, was announced on Monday although a release date or price details have not yet been announced. The handset is expected to be launched in a few months, in LTE 4G network of AT&T’s. Overall, it looks to be the best Xperia brand of Sony smartphones to be launched till date. Let us have a look to some of its details.


It has a 4.6 inch display (HDMI), 12MP camera, TV launcher interface and a sleek design. It has 1280 x 720-pixel display resolution that uses Sony Bravia Engine. However, the best part of the now Sony turned Sony Ericsson is its camera quality which is unmatched by most mobile manufacturers.

Using With a Dock

The Sony Xperia Ion can be used with a docking arrangement and thus a larger display can be obtained. The dock is extremely much similar to the Motorola Webtop experience that can be used in gadgets like Droid Razr and Droid Bionic. One can view photos, play music, and send texts from the comfort of the sofa at home. Sony also claims that the phone is capable of being controlled by a TV remote!

Launched in US : T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710

The new Windows 7 Smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 710 has been launched across the US by mobile carrier T-Mobile with a two-year agreement and has gone on sale today. The Smartphone is priced at $49.99 and is available in two colors- white or black.


The Lumia 710 1.4 GHz single core processor and runs on the Windows Phone 7 Mango mobile OS. It bears a 3.7-inch WVGA display screen. It features a five MP camera with 720p HD video recording, but there is no front facing camera unlike the Lumia 900 launched earlier by AT&T.

Other Features

Some of the applications that come pre-loaded in the Lumia 710 are ESPN, Nokia Drive, and Nokia Music for audio streaming services and T-Mobile TV for streaming video. The combined effort of Nokia and Microsoft notwithstanding, Windows phones will find it difficult to compete against the likes of a hoard of Android gadgets in the market.

T-Mobile must do more for cause as now the 4G network LTE is not available and users will only get HSPA+ service. Windows phone lovers are waiting eagerly for the release of Lumia 800, which will be unblocked, and SIM-free and yes, the launch of Windows 8 for mobile devices.

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